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We are a passionate group of Master’s and PhD linguistics students at the University of Calgary dedicated to fostering growth, collaboration, and connection among students in the field. At Calgary Linguistics, you’ll find a diverse group of scholars sharing groundbreaking research, thought-provoking discussions, and innovative ideas in linguistic exploration. Whether you’re diving into phonetics, phonology, syntax, first language acquisition, semantics/pragmatics, or historical/morphology, Calgary Linguistics is the place to be.

Explore our website to find information on our graduate students (A Higher Clause), undergraduate students (Verbatim), research groups led by our faculty, and information on events, including colloquium talks and seminars by professors and professionals across North America aimed at developing our understanding of current linguistic research, and interdisciplinary nature of linguistics. Follow our social media to keep up to date on all things #UCalgaryLING!

Sep 22, 3pm, CHE 212
Dr. Elfner (York University)
Prosody and Prosodic Phrasing in Kwak’wala

Oct 20, 3pm, CHE 212
Dr. Huijsmans (University of Alberta)
Syntax/Documentation topic (TBA)

Nov 02, 6pm, LDL
Alumni panel
Careers for linguists

Jan 19, 3pm, CHE 212
Dr. Kim (Chungbok)
Syntax topic (TBA)

Feb 09, 3pm, Zoom
Dr. Newell (UQAM)
Phonology topic (TBA)

Feb 29, 6pm, LDL
Alumni panel
Careers for linguists

Mar 15, 3pm, CHE 212
Dr. Kučuerová (McMaster University)
Syntax/Psycholinguistics topic (TBA)

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