Learn about the professional and academic accomplishments of our alumni. Our graduates’ journeys exemplify the success and impact of the University of Calgary Linguistics program.



BrettC Nelson (PhD’ 23) – Thesis: Learning the Sounds of Silence: Adult acquisition of Kaqchikel (Mayan) plain and glottalized stop consonants, Supervisor: Dr. Darin Flynn

Dusan Nikolic (PhD ’23) – Thesis: Perception of Lexical Pitch-Accents by Serbian and French Speakers, Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Winters

Lindsay Hracs (PhD ’21) –  Thesis: Modelling Exposure and Input in Language Acquisition, Supervisor: Dr. Susanne E. Carroll [Currently: Postdoctoral Associate in the Kaplan Lab (University of Calgary, Cumming School of Medicine)]

Kelly Burkinshaw (PhD’20) – Thesis: Vowel Space, Variability, and Lexical Context in Infant Speech Perception, Supervisor: Dr. Suzanne Curtin [Currently: Laboratory Manager in the Language Processing Lab (University of Calgary, Department of Psychology)]

Mohammad Al-Samaani (PhD’20) – Thesis: VOT and F0 in the production and perception of Swahili obstruents: From the island to the coast to the inland region, Supervisors: Dr. Darin Flynn & Dr. Stephen Winters

Elias Abdollahnejad (PhD’20) – Thesis: Online and Offline Examinations of Constituent Order in Persian Ditransitives, Supervisor: Dr. Dennis Storoshenko

Sameera Allihibi (PhD ’17) –  Thesis: The Nominal Inflectional Suffix -e(t) in Damascus Arabic: A Network Morphology Account, Supervisor: Dr. Darin Flynn

Joey Windsor (PhD ’17) –  Thesis: Phonology to Syntax–and Back Again: Hierarchical Structure in Irish and Blackfoot, Supervisors: Dr. Darin Flynn & Dr. Elizabeth Ritter [Currently: Postdoctoral associate in epidemiology lab (Kaplan Lab, University of Calgary, Cumming School of Medicine) specializing in knowledge translation.]

Salma Alqahtani (PhD ’16) –  Thesis: Number in Saudi Arabic: Acquisition and Child-Directed Speech, Supervisor: Dr. Susanne E. Carroll

Svitlana Winters (PhD ’16) –  Thesis: Lexical Blending in Ukrainian: System of Sport?, Supervisor: Dr. Amanda Pounder

Jamison Cooper-Leavitt (PhD ’15) – Thesis: Comparing Human Perception to Computational Classifications of Lexical Tones, Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Winters


Shayne Shapkin (MA ’23) – Thesis: Knowledge and grounding: The syntax of discourse particles in Swiss German, Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Ritter

Summer Abdalla (MA ’23) –  Thesis: Perception and Production of a Quantity-Sensitive Stress System in Adults and Children: The case of Levantine Arabic in Canada, Supervisor: Dr. Angeliki Athanasopoulou

Quinn Goddard (MA ’23) –  Thesis: On Indefinite Singular Generics, Supervisor: Dr. David Lieberman [Currently: Master’s Student in Epidemiology, Cumming School of Medicine]

Kody Tufts (MA ’23) – Thesis: Dene Sųŀiné Non-Segmental Morphology:  Implications for Morphological Theory, Supervisor: Dr. Amanda Pounder

Cheman Baira A Sangma (MA ’22) –  Thesis: Non-convergence of pitch and duration: Word-prosody of Garo, Supervisor: Dr. Angeliki Athanasopoulou [Currently: PhD student at McGill University]

Andrea Levinstein-Rodriguez (MA ’22) –  Thesis: When Articles Go Missing: Analyzing Optionality in Spanish Prepositional Relative Clauses, Supervisor: Dr. Dennis Storoshenko [Currently: PhD student at University of Toronto]

Brittany McDonald (MA ’21) – Thesis: The Interactional Structure of Nominals: An Investigation of Paranouns, Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Ritter [Currently: Completed MPP (Master of Public Policy) at UCalgary, and now works for Calliou Group, an Indigenous consulting firm based in Calgary]

Metehan Oğuz (MA ’21) – Thesis: Investigating Raising Structures in Turkish, Supervisor: Dr. Dennis Storoshenko [Currently: PhD student in Linguistics at the University of Southern California]

Merion Hodgson (MA ’21) – Thesis: Voice Onset Time in Plains Cree, Supervisors: Dr. Darin Flynn and Dr. Angeliki Athanasopoulou

Lyndon Rey (MA ’20) – Thesis: Modeling the Perception of Deceptive Speech: a Neural Network Approach, Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Winters [Currently: NLP Data Scientist at SportsBiz Group Inc.]

Una Chow (MA ’17) – Thesis: An Exemplar-Based Model of Intonation Perception of Statements and Questions in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Winters

Blake Lewis (MA ’16) – Thesis: Modal Syntax and Semantics: Concord and Multiple Modals, Supervisor: Dr. Dennis Storoshenko

Nazila Ilkechy (MA ’16) – Thesis: Persian Complex Predicates: Evidence for Verb Movement from Ellipsis and Negation, Supervisor: Dr. Dennis Storoshenko

Sarah Greer (MA ’15) – Thesis: The Perception of Coolness: Voice Quality and its Social Uses and Interpretations, Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Winters

Jacqueline Jones (MA ’15) – Thesis: I Bag Your Pardon: The Albertan ae/ɛ Vowel Shift as a Window into Community Grammars, Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Winters

BA (Honours)

Nicole Ferguson (BA ’23)– Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Ritter

Madeline MacLean (BA ’23)– Supervisor: Dr. Angeliki Athanasopoulou

Andres Giudice (BA ’23)– Supervisor: Dr. Amanda Pounder

Tanna Butlin (BA ’22) – Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Winters

Charys Russell (BA ’22) – Supervisor: Dr. Amanda Pounder

Billy Lindsay (BA ’22) – Supervisor: Dr. Dennis Storoshenko

Amy Sun (BA ’21) – Supervisor: Dr. Dimitrios Skordos

Cheryl Iwanchuk (BA ’21) – Supervisor: Dr. Dimitrios Skordos

Brookyln Sheppard (BA ’21) – Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Winters

Raina Schnider (BA ’20) – Supervisor: Dr. Dimitrios Skordos

Quinn Goddard (BA ’20) – Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Ritter

Jesse Weir (BA ’20) – Supervisor: Dr. Dennis Storoshenko

Kody Tufts (BA ’20) – Supervisor: Dr. Amanda Pounder