Important Resources

Praat Tutorial

This is a tutorial in which Dušan shows how to use scripts to annotate with Praat, how to extract duration of any segment, how to extract vowels, and how to extract pitch. For more info, visit:

Scholar Strike

SCHOLAR STRIKE is a Canada-wide event to bring attention to systemic racism against BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) communities. On September 9 and 10, 2020, students and faculty at the University of Calgary may be participating in this event.  
A time like this is also an opportunity for education. With this in mind, we provide the Important Resources page to learn more about Black and Indigenous languages in North America.  
Whether you choose to participate this week or not, whether your courses are disrupted or not, we encourage everyone to have a look at these documentaries. 


VOICES ON THE RISE is a documentary series focusing on the revitalization of Indigenous Languages in Western Canada, also discussing how these languages and their speakers have been treated through Canada’s history. 

TALKING BLACK IN AMERICA covers language use among the Black communities of the United States, with episodes on speech and sign. The page linked here includes video excerpts with linguists discussing issues around the complexity of African American English, and combatting the stereotype that it is just “bad grammar” being used for affect, instead of a fully-developed linguistic system on par with any other variety.  

Writing at the grad level

LatEx Thesis Template

emphasizing the value of our degree

Kristy Koehler wrote a great piece in Gauntlet on how to focus the narrative on the value of our degree. Make sure to read the article in which she firmly and unequivocally states:

“Look your family and friends in the eye and tell them exactly what you’re going to get — knowledge and skills that will equip you to literally change the world.”

Virginia Valian - a personal take on harassment and abuse

Take a look at this short but amazing piece of writing by Virginia Valian, a  distinguished professor at Hunter College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Her letter on harassment and abuse in academia was published in Nature, vol. 574.

There are also two articles about “work problems” that can be found if you click below.

Virginia - on Harassment and Abuse