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Brittany McDonald winning the best poster at CLA2020!

Congratulations to Brittany McDonald on winning the CLA 2020 Student Poster Competition for her poster presentation What type of pronouns do Korean and Japanese have?” 

Best Poster

Dr. Kelly Burkinshaw

Congratulations to Dr. Kelly Burkinshaw who just received her PhD in Linguistics after a great virtual defence of her dissertation.

Dr. Burkinshaw

Dr. Elias Abdollahnejad

Congratulations to Dr. Elias Abdollahnejad who just received his PhD in Linguistics after a great virtual defence of his dissertation, “Online and offline examinations of constituent order in Persian ditransitives.” 

Zoom After Elias' Defense

Sessional Instructor

There is an open position for a sessional instructor for Language and Power this summer for all those doctoral candidates who have successfully passed their candidacy exams. All the requirements could be checked here. Some of the requirements are outlined below. The deadline is 29th April

Application Details: Qualified applicants interested in teaching this course should submit a complete application addressed to Dr. Amanda Pounder, Sessional Hiring Coordinator for the Division of Linguistics, if the School of LLLC does not already have it on file:

  • a cover letter (including a short description of topics you would cover in the course, and relevant teaching experience)
  • a current curriculum vitae
  • a tentative outline of the course identifying how it will be structured for online delivery
  • course syllabi (courses previously taught)
  • teaching evaluations, if available

Applicants should also arrange to have 3 letters of recommendation sent directly to the email address below. At least 1 of the 3 letters must directly address the applicant’s teaching ability. 

The application package should be submitted electronically in .pdf format to


Tuition Fees

Fall 2019 – Winter 2020 graduation tuition and fees are available here.

2020-2021 graduate tuition and fees are available here

LSA 2020

Pronoun Workshop Gallery

NoWPhon 2019 Photo Gallery

13 talks/posters by grad students and faculty members at this year’s Northwest Conference of Phon{etics;ology}. Make sure to check out the photo gallery below! 

Rachel Soo

Rachel Soo

Rachel Soo, a PhD student at the University of British Columbia, talked about the phenomenon of “Cantonese “lazy consonant” phonological changes in progress: Evidence from word recognition in heritage and homeland speakers”.

Brett C. Nelson

Brett C. Nelson, a PhD candidate at the University of Calgary, gave an overview of Kaqchikel grammar by referring to “Right-edge phonological phenomena in Kaqchikel”. 

Mifield Xu

Mifield Xu

Mifield Xu, a University of British Columbia grad student, presented their work on “Acoustic correlates of the tongue root contrast in Dàgáárè”.

Dušan Nikolić

Dušan Nikolić, a University of Calgary PhD student, presented their work on the “Perception of L2 Lexical Pitch Accents”.


Mohammad Alsamaani

“Swahili speakers’ mimicking of VOT and F0 contrasts: Does imitation matter?” by Mohammad Alsamaani & Dr. Steve Winters (University of Calgary).

Fangfang Li

Fangfang Li (University of Lethbridge) presenting their work titled “You say hello, I say bonjour/nihao: A project on child minority second language acquisition in schools in Alberta”.

Fangfang Li

Angela George & Brielle Usher

“Variable pitch accent production by L2 Spanish learners” by dr. Angela George & Brielle Usher (University of Calgary).

Elias Abdollahnejad

Elias, a University of Calgary PhD candidate, presented a poster on “Qualitative and quantitative features of English /i:/ and /ɪ/ in the interlanguage
of advanced L1 Persian speakers”.


Quinn Goddard

“The Phonetic Realization of Word Stress in Plains Cree” presented by Quinn Goddard, an Honors Thesis student at the University of Calgary. The co-authors are dr. Angeliki Athanasopoulou and dr. Darin Flynn.

Scott James Perry

Scott, a PhD student at the University of Alberta, presenting their paper: “Evaluating Opposing Theoretical Accounts of Catalan Lexical Stress”.


Grandon Goertz

“Vowel analysis and depictions in three dimensions” by
Grandon Goertz and Terese Anderson from the University of New Mexico.

Una Chow

Una, a PhD student at the University of British Columbia, presenting their work: “An Optimality-Theoretic Analysis of Tone Sandhi in Shanghai Nominal


Ahmed Alnuqaydan

Ahmed, a grad student from the University of Utah, presenting their research on       “N-Behavior in Quranic Reading” through Skype. 

Indigenous language reclamation is about the efforts of Indigenous people who are learning their languages, and learning about their languages. This is happening in various places including schools, community centres, and on the land, and we are coming together to celebrate that.

In conjunction with local Indigenous groups, the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures & Cultures and other University partners invite you to join us in celebrating reclamation of the languages of Indigenous peoples in Alberta.

The Department of Linguistics at the University of British Columbia is pleased to invite abstracts for submission to the 38th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL 38) to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, March 6-8, 2020.

Important Dates:

  1. Abstract Submission deadline: October 26, 2019, 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time
  2. Notification of acceptance: Mid-December, 2019

Make sure to view the two papers by Dr. Athanasopoulou: ‪”Confusability of Mandarin Tone 3 and Tone 4: effects of focus and syllable position” ‪& “How perceptible is the difference between Tone 3 and Tone 4 in Mandarin Chinese?”. Both papers have been published in ICPhS conference proceedings Well done!



Dr. Darin Flynn was a guest on a podcast Talk About Talk hosted by Dr. Andrea Wojnicki. The topic was the language of Profanity: Talking Taboo, so make sure to listen to this great interview here

Dr. Flynn

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Angeliki Athanasopoulou as Assistant Professor in Linguistics! She specializes in phonology and phonetics, and is especially interested in prosodic phenomena, including the manifestation of stress and focus across languages, and their acquisition. Dr. Athanasopoulou joins us after obtaining a PhD in Linguistics at the University of Delaware (’16) and working as a Senior Research Assistant in Psychology at UCSD (’16) and as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Psychology and Linguistics at the UofC (’17–’19).

Elias Abdollahnejad

Our PhD student’s, Elias Abdollahnejad’s paper – “Persian ditransitives: Movement for specificity?” was selected for Honourable Mention, i.e. runner-up for the Best Student Paper Award at last month’s Annual Meeting of the Canadian Linguistic Association in Vancouver. Congrats, Elias!

On November 15 and 16, the Linguistics Division of the SLLLC will be hosting YYC Pronouns 2019, the latest in a series of Canadian workshops on nominal structures. The workshop gathers researchers from across Canada investigating a range of topics from the morphosyntax of pronouns to the semantics of determining pronominal reference. Keynote speakers at the workshop will be Isabelle Charnavel (Harvard) and Martina Wiltschko (UBC). Additionally, on November 14th, there will be a panel discussion on the use of singular “they” and non-binary pronouns for the general public, with keynote speaker Kirby Conrod (U. of Washington).

CLA Photo Gallery

16 talks/posters by 10 grad students, 6 professors, and 3 researchers at this year’s Meeting of the Canadian Linguistic Association. Visit CLA’s website and make sure to read the program and search for any familiar names. Check out the photo gallery below! 

MingYu Qiu

An MA student, Mingyu Qiu, presenting the results of her work on F0 ranges in L1 and L2 of Japanese and English speakers. 

Elias Abdollahnejad

Elias, our PhD candidate, presented psycholinguistic evidence in favour of syntactic movement in his talk titled “Persian ditransitives: Movement for specificity?”

Dr. Dennis Storoshenko

Dr. Dennis Storoshenko talked about singular ‘th-‘ pronouns being used in contexts where definiteness is uncertain in his presentation titled “Plurality and Binding within the English ‘th…sel{f/ves}’ Paradigm”

Lindsay Hracs

Lindsay Hracs, a PhD candidate, talked about the integration of information that is required for understanding learning problems at the interface in her poster presentation “Revisiting the Interface Hypothesis: A theoretical discussion of its claims and predictions for Second Language Acquisition”.

Lyndon Rey

Lyndon Rey, an MA student, presented his extended Q-theory by proposing that phonological contours can be represented subsegmentally as continuous functions.

Merion Hodgson

Merion Hodgon, an MA student, gave talks on two posters – “Voice Onset Time on Plains Cree” and “Final Aspiration in Blackfoot and Plains Cree”

Mohammad Alsamaani

“Laryngeal contrast in Swahili: The role of perception,” by Mohammad Alsamaani & Dr. Steve Winters at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Linguistic Association 2019.

Benjamin Peng Han

PhD candidate Benjamin Han presenting work titled “Testing contexts’ effects on the Mandarin reflexive anaphor ziji’s interpretation”

Fantastic Four

Four posters at the first poster session. From left to right: Adam Daniel; Mohammad Alsamaani; Dr. Amanda Pounder, Dr. Eyup Bacanli, & Dr. Darin Flynn (not pictured); and Merion Hodgson.

The School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures at the University of Calgary invites you to the 2019 NorthWest Conference on Phonetics & Phonology. The conference will take place at the University of Calgary, September 21-22, 2019. The deadline for abstracts submission is June 16, 2019.
For more details check out the official website of the conference.
Phonetics Lab
LSA 2020

LSA 2020 Annual Meeting

The 94th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America will take place January 2-5, 2020, in New Orleans. Abstract submission deadline is June 24. For more information visit LSA2020.

2019 Faculty of Arts Award for Dr. Rittter

Congratulations to Professor Elizabeth Ritter on receiving the 2019 Faculty of Arts Award for Established Research Excellence! 

Honours Theses

Four new students will begin writing their Honours thesis the next academic year: 

  • Mr. Jesse Weir will be working with Prof. Storoshenko on expletive pronoun dropping in English, e.g. “Seems obvious”
  • Ms. Raina Schnider will be working with Prof. Skordos on children’s inferences – reasoning with disjunction in particular
  • Mr. Kody Tufts will be working with Prof. Pounder on inflectional processes in Tsuut’ina, a local Dene language
  • Ms. Quinn Goddard will be working with Prof. Flynn on the prosody of Plains Cree, in a joint project with Dr. Angeliki Athanasopoulou and Ms. Merion Hodgson. Her thesis will focus on the prosody of Blackfoot, a different Algonquian language.

The 35th Northwest Linguistic Conference

AbuAmsha Duaa and Lyndon Rey will be presenting their work at Northwest Linguistic Conference, at the University of Victoria, on 26-27 April. Check out the conference program here

2nd North American Conference in Iranian Linguistics

Dr. Storoshenko will be presenting work on Clausemate NPI Licensing in Persian, co-authored with Mahyar Nakhaei, at the 2nd North American Conference on Iranian Linguistics this week. Check the program and look for live-streaming options.

Verbatim Annual Colloquium Photo Gallery

Quinn Goddard on Plains Cree Prosody Project (Athanasopoulou & Flynn), starting a presentation with Sunday’s historic NHL broadcast in nêhiyawêwin/ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐁᐧᐃᐧᐣ

Ikino’motstaan Noreen Breaker

Dr. Elizabeth Ritter, Dr. Heather Bliss, and a Siksika elder, Ikino’motstaan Noreen Breaker, presented their database of the recorded Siksika oral stories as a part of documentation of the Blackfoot language at the ICLDC 2019 (Feb 28-March 3). View their presentation A’tsotsspommootsiiyo’p Niitsitapi’powahsin: “We help each other together with the Blackfoot language” here.  

On 2-4 January, Calgary linguistics had five presenters at the Linguistics Society of America Conference 2019. Four graduate students and a faculty member, Dr. Dennis Storoshenko presented at the conference.  Check below!

Dr. Storoshenko at LSA 2019

Mahyar Nakhaei

Our MA student, Mahyar Nakhaei presenting his research on “The Interplay of Memory and Sentence Structure on the Resolution of Persian” via Skype.

Dr. Dennis Storoshenko
Elias Abdollahnejad

Lindsay Hracs

Lindsay Hracs (PhD candidate) presented her paper on the use of Generalizaed Estimating Equations to model the relationship between child and caregiver speech in the case of ‘only’.

Christina Ilse

Christina Ilse (MA) presented her paper on sociolinguistic factors in ‘benne/sijn’ variation in Early Modern Dutch at the North American Research Network in Historical Sociolinguistics meeting.

Graduate Alberta Award

Lindsay Hracs, our PhD candidate, has received Alberta Graduate Citizenship Award in recognition of her excellence in leadership and dedication to help local communities. The selection of the prestigious award is based on strict criteria that each recipient needs to meet. Each candidate needs to have a strong record of service and community engagement demonstrated through active involvement in non-profit organizations. Lindsay says she is extremely happy to have received the Award, emphasizing that this award will most certainly inspire her to continue to be an active community member. Congrats Lindsay!

Lindsay Hracs at LSA 2019

The editors of the Calgary (Working) Papers in Linguistics are pleased to report that the 30th Volume is now available to read and download. The editors of this volume are Elias Abdollahnejad, Duaa Abu Amsha, Kelly Burkinshaw, Adam D. Daniel, and Brett C. Nelson. The following authors published their papers in this volume: Elias Abdollahnejad, Adam D.Daniel, Harriet K. Haggerty. CWLP is an online journal which includes contributions by faculty and students at the University of Calgary and elsewhere.

Honours Theses

Dr. Nicolas Welch

Dr. Nicolas Welch, an alumnus of the department of Linguistics, has received a prestigious Tier 2 CRC in Change, Adaptation and Revitalization of Aboriginal Languages at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Click on the image to view an article about Dr. Welch's achievement.


Great Supervisor Award(s)

Dr. Susanne Carroll and Dr. Darin Flynn received Faculty of Graduate Studies "Great Supervisor Awards" at this year's ceremony, held on November 22, 2018.