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Brown Bag 2021

Brown Bag 2021 schedule is on. Contact Dr. Skordos for any inquires or schedule modifications. 

LSA 2021

This year’s LSA 2021 presenters were Dušan Nikolić, with his paper: F0 Acoustic Parameters Effects on Discrimination of Lexical Pitch Accents, and Dr. Storoshenko, Jesse Weir, and Adam Daniel, with their paper: On the apparent singularity of English themself. 

Narratives of Color Workshops

“Narratives of Color” is a project of bringing awareness to questions of race and racial discrimination in Calgary, organized by the University of Calgary students, Neha Bhatia and Dušan Nikolić.

This project is funded as a part of the LRC Graduate Fellowship that was instituted in 2019 to support students from the graduate programs in Languages, Literatures and Cultures and in Linguistics in implementing a community outreach project of their own design.

This project aims to raise awareness about the racial issues in Calgary, and Canada, in general, by discussing the topic of race, and by enabling participants to share their stories about race. The project involves two online (Zoomworkshops. The first workshop is open to everyone, while the second workshop is open to people belonging to Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities. Participants of the workshops will receive a certificate of attendance and some great prizes! If you would like to participate or if you know someone who might be interested in participating, please register here, and share this project with your community. If you have any questions, please contact us. We appreciate your support! Thank you!

Dr. Mohammad Alsamaani

Congratulations to Dr. Mohammad Alsamaani who earned his PhD in Linguistics after a great virtual defence of his dissertation: VOT and F0 in the production and perception of Swahili obstruents: From the island to the coast to the inland region

Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics Vol. 31

Calgary Working Papers Vol. 31 in Linguistics has been published. Make sure to check out all the amazing work by our grad students.

mACOL 2020 presenters

  • Andrea Levenstein-Rodriguez- The Processing of Prepositional Relative Clauses in L2 Spanish – slides here
  • Brooklyn Sheppard – The Lives of Coordinate Structures: Evidence from Distribution and Cases of Three (or More) Conjuncts
  • Metehan Oguz – Movement of Turkish Bare Direct Objects Motivated by Strong Accusative Case Feature – abstract here, poster here
  • Mahyar Nakhaei – The Epenthetic Vowel in Persian Loanwords Borrowed from English – poster here
  • Dušan Nikolić – Are English Speakers “Deaf” to Serbian Lexical Pitch Accent Contrasts? – abstract here, poster here
  • Merion Hodgson – Plains Cree VOT in a Single-Series Typology
  • Cheman Baira A Sangma – The Phonology of Gemination in Garo
  • Cheryl Iwanchuk & Dimitrios Skordos – Children’s Understanding of Logical Connectives
  • Kang Xu – On the Syntax of Mandarin Sentence-Final Particle: A Neo-Performative Analysis
  • Kody Tufts – Variable Exponence of Aspect in Tsuut’ina Verbs 

eClara2020 presenters

  • Angeliki Athanasopoulou & Celeste Olson &  Jomanna Sleiman & Suzanne Curtin- The Perception of Compound Prosody at 7 years- link
  • Amy Sun & David Barner & Dimitrios Skordos – The Developmental Trajectory of Scalar Implicatures-links: part1part2part3
  • Raina Schnider & Dimitrios Skordos – Children’s Acquisition of Scalar Implicatures in Logical Connectives- link

Brittany McDonald winning the best poster at CLA2020!

Congratulations to Brittany McDonald on winning the CLA 2020 Student Poster Competition for her poster presentation What type of pronouns do Korean and Japanese have?” 

Best Poster

CLA presenters 2020

Dr. Kelly Burkinshaw

Congratulations to Dr. Kelly Burkinshaw who just received her PhD in Linguistics after a great virtual defence of her dissertation.

Dr. Burkinshaw

Dr. Elias Abdollahnejad

Congratulations to Dr. Elias Abdollahnejad who just received his PhD in Linguistics after a great virtual defence of his dissertation, “Online and offline examinations of constituent order in Persian ditransitives.” 

Zoom After Elias' Defense
Dr. Jarvikivi Talk
Acad Collaboration Workshop
Panel On Computational Ling
Academic Events

Indigenous language reclamation is about the efforts of Indigenous people who are learning their languages, and learning about their languages. This is happening in various places including schools, community centres, and on the land, and we are coming together to celebrate that.

In conjunction with local Indigenous groups, the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures & Cultures and other University partners invite you to join us in celebrating reclamation of the languages of Indigenous peoples in Alberta.