Calgary Linguistics brings to you a series of podcasts in which undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members, and alumni participate. In these podcasts we talk about a variety of topics with a number of different guests. Every month we will release a new podcast, so stay tuned and enjoy!

Season 2

2. Art of Constructing languages

Linguistically Aware podcast

This is the second episode of Linguistically Aware. The podcast was aired on CJSW 90.9 fm, on 29th April, at 8 pm. 

Listen to the podcast on soundcloud or the extended version on youtube

1. Language in Rap Music


We recorded a podcast on the language of rap music with Dr. Flynn. The episode is the first in a brand new series of podcasts called Linguistically Aware. The podcast was aired on CJSW 90.9 on 25th March, at 8pm.

Check out our promotional video for the podcast! The entire episode is one click away – right below the image.

Listen to the podcast on soundcloud.