Vendler Reading Group

PI: Dr. David Liebesman, (

The Vendler Reading Group is an interdisciplinary group composed of faculty and graduate students from philosophy and linguistics. The group’s main goal is to facilitate communication between researchers working on issues related to the syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of natural languages. The group meets approximately twice a semester to discuss current research, work in progress by reading group members, and to host visiting scholars.

Calgary Working Papers in Lingustics

Dimitrios Skordos (Linguistics), Nicole Wyatt (Philosophy), Betsy Ritter (Linguistics), Susanne Carroll (Linguistics), Ali Kazmi (Philosophy), Mark Migotti (Philosophy), Dennis Storoshenko (Linguistics), Jonathan Payton (Philosophy).

The group invites all faculty and graduate students in both Linguistics and Philosophy and individual faculty with related interests in the Faculty of Arts.