About Us

Verbatim is an academic club run by and for undergraduate Linguistics students that seeks to provide academic support and a place to meet with like-minded people. We are open to all students, and it is our goal to provide a safe, non-judgemental, and inclusive place on campus to share your love of linguistics and language. We are also your undergraduate student representatives at SLLLC division meetings!

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Join us

Stop by our office or speak with one of our execs to join us. The $5 fee can be paid in cash or by email transfer to Membership includes access to our office and events, and academic support. We seek to provide students with opportunities and experiences to expand their horizons, learn something new, and succeed in their experiences in this field. There is always an opportunity to join our executive and events teams if you want to get more involved.


Whether you are looking for help with coursework, a space to chill and chat with ling-lovers, or simply looking to try something new, Verbatim can help you out. 

Check out some of our activities:

  • Verbatim Meet ‘n’ Greet
  • Verbatim Movie Nights/Board Game Nights
  • What To Do With Your Ling Degree?
  • Verbatim’s How-To Series
  • Verbatim’s Annual Colloquium

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